Synergy of modern lifestyle



Our Mission

We are creating a network of coworking spaces which is going to change your attitude towards office work. We offer our coworkers a busy day wherein there is a place for work, leisure, sports, education, and entertainment. We do this so that at the end of the day each of our residents feels that today wasn’t a waste of time – after all, they managed to do so much! Because we believe that happy and successful people are those who manage to work and devote time to their personal interests. Therefore, we create spaces where these goals can be comfortably combined.

Features and services

24/7 access


Individual air conditioning and ventilation system

Children’s rooms


What Unites Our Audience

The desire to manage your time in a quality manner and to devote time to all important aspects of life

Coworking office inside - BeeWorking - Lounge zone
Coworking office inside - BeeWorking - Food zone


What Our Audience Thinks About

I’m ready to spend as much time in the office as it takes to complete my task. But I’m not ready to sacrifice myself: I want to maintain a balanced diet, keep fit, and be engaged in self-education.

BeeWorking Podil
BeeWorking Podil


Our Main Function

To create conditions for teams and freelancers which will let them do everything on time and avoid burning out.

Coworking office inside - BeeWorking - Cafeteria
Coworking Office Inside - BeeWorking - Gaming Zone


Answers to frequently asked questions that may be useful to you.

Our coworking ideology is aimed at creating the safest space and comfort for our residents. That is why the service plans in our coworking are calculated for a period from one month. The goal of our community management is to create not just a party atmosphere inside, but a community of people with common interests and goals, and also not to leave any chance for our resident to change coworking 😊

It is as simple as possible! You just need to click on 1 button (Book a Tour) on our Facebook or fill in a short form on our website, thereafter our community manager will confirm the time and contact you to clarify the details.

Despite the fact that we work 24/7 for our residents, excursions and test days are held exclusively on weekdays.

We have a test day — 5 hours of work (for free) in our coworking. Just choose convenient time and book your tour on Facebook.

To do this, you need a passport and TIN; our community managers will do the rest.

Payment from a Monobank card takes a few minutes and there is no commission.

Yes, we are a pet-friendly space. We start thinking about having a pet at each location, so that our coworking will remind us and our residents about home even more.

24/7 for residents. For potential customers, we conduct tours and test days during working hours.

Such an opportunity is available once every 6 months and for a period of not more than 14 calendar days for residents from open space and lounge zones.

Banking branch, card payment through a bank terminal, ibox / Privat terminals, online banking using banking details. Also, we plan to accept payments on the website using partnering payment systems.

There is a Lounge zone – shared workplaces (preferred by ex-pats); Open space – a dedicated desk – for freelancers and small teams; Private offices. We are also developing a network service plan for those who want to start the day at the head office in Podil, hold a meeting in the downtown, and work in the evening not far from home in a cozy lounge of one of our coworkings which we are currently designing.

Yes, payment is hourly.

We have 2 lecture halls in our location on Lomonosova st., one of them was created in the format of a library for small meetings and q&a sessions, and the whole charm of this small lecture hall is that it will have access to the roof which opens up a stunning view of our city.

The basic principle of creating our space is Synergy.

The Synergy of all necessary aspects of our life. In our coworking there are gyms, which means that you can save time and money on trips to other gyms; we have rooms for mothers and fathers with children, so that after this happy event you can continue working in a usual and comfortable mode. We care about the health of our residents, therefore, in every kitchen we have professional reverse osmosis systems installed; ventilation and air conditioning are designed in such a way that each office can freely control the temperature in its room, in contrast to the standard format of business centers where the temperature is regulated in blocks.

You are free to bring friends to meetings and work with them within the hours available to you in the meeting rooms (the time limit is declared by your service plan; find out details from your community manager), or in the lounge area if it does not interfere with your neighbors in the work area.